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Hattian Bala

Hattian Bala is the new districe of Azad Kashmir.It is satuited at Jhelam River.The people of Hattian Bala are 100% Educated.Hattian Bala has Many Hill Stations,which present the beauty of Kashmir.The crime Rate among the people of hattian bala is Found to be  very rare thats why the people of hattian bala leading very peaceful Life. There are many collges and school of Govt and private sactor.Many health Units and Hospitals also serve People.Hattian is one of the ten districts of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It was the part of the District of Muzaffarabad until 2009. Its district headquarter is located in the town of Hattian Bala. It consists of three tehsils Chikar, Leepa & Hattian Bala. This district has many Famous visiting points. it is situated near the banks of the Jehlum river. It had produced many prominent politician like Raja Haider Khan, Sahibzada Ishaaq Zafar, Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Dr. Mohammad Mushtaq etc.

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